Riding the 'Up' escalator at Spadina Station from the Southbound platform.

I'm trying out Soundcloud for hosting this one. The fact is that recording and editing the sound is a lot more fun than the steps needed to create the video files that Smugmug can host. It's enough to discourage me from posting anything, even when I have a lot of recordings that I like.

The problem is that Soundcloud looks like it rolls over older content, which means that eventually any links that I post here will break. (Flickr does the same thing with photos, which is why I stopping using it. Plus it sounds like the name of a horse in a tacky country-western theme park show.) So if I decide that I like Soundcloud then I will either still need a permanent way to host my favourite files, or recognize that nobody is actually listening to this stuff anyway, let old sounds expire, and delete this blog.

 It's good to have options.