Concrete Pumper

Concrete pumpers working at Yonge and Bloor.

Concrete trucks were lined up for blocks along Bloor street, and some down Bay street as well, waiting their turns to supply the pumpers that were on the three accessible sides of the One Bloor East construction site. I took several recordings; for this one I faced the little Sony away from the action to catch more of the reverb from the surrounding buildings and the sounds of the passers-by. The rhythmic sound of the pump, its motor, and the alarms of the concrete trucks manoeuvring through traffic dominate the audio.

The video-for-audio file includes three photos. The first two show the recorder's position, while the last is looking west on Bloor street at the queuing trucks. I can count a dozen, which is only about half of them. Two trucks feed the pumps at a time, but it takes a long time to empty each one, leaving a lot of equipment idling on the side of the road.