A fairly common sound: a T1 subway car running eastbound between Greenwood and Victoria Park stations.

I was sitting in the same position as in my previous subway car recording, except I was at the end of the second car instead of the fourth, and this time I faced the microphones toward the inter-car door to pick up more of the track and wheel noise. It's also a much longer run, five and a half minutes, as the train passes through Coxwell, Woodbine, and Main stations. I had planned on shutting the recorder down at Main, since I was only going to the next station, but the corrugations on the track were too hard to resist.

Since the recorder wasn't hand-held I was able to take a few photos to show the scene. The Sony is on its Rycote shock mount, which is on an Ikan grip bar, which is on my fifteen-year-old 'Ultrapod II' plastic tripod. The whole assembly is a fairly lightweight addition to my kit and folds down into a package that almost fits into the Crumpler Haven pouch that organizes my audio kit.

And I never think to remove the windscreen.